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Children's Content

     While artistic expression is the highlight of my career, my pedagogical past is fully influential on my current path. I hold a BA in family and child studies with a minor in communication studies, an academic edge for self-producing children's content. 

     I am so thrilled to welcome my first children's series, Blooming Buddies Workshop, to the worldwide web this Spring 2019. Blooming Buddies Workshop engages 3-5 year olds in learning the basics: numbers, letters, colors, shapes, and even American Sign Language! Come sing, sign, and learn along with Annie at the 'shop, because florals aren't the only thing that grow and bloom.   



Photo Editing

        An amateur photographer with some serious Adobe Photoshop skills, I am continuously fine-tuning my digital editing techniques. My freelance services include lighting adjustments, color balance, background removal, skin smoothing, hair retouch, face swapping, eliminating backgrounds, removing objects, and much more! I adapt to clients’ needs and style, expanding my editing skills to include photo-based graphic design for both personal and promotional uses.

     Check out my freelancer profile on Upwork.com, which showcases client reviews and a 100% job success rate.



Multimedia Projects

     My attention to detail, tactile skillset, and experiential knowledge yields progress in my multimedia approaches including traditional and digital drawing and painting, handmade gifts, greeting cards, jewelry, small scale sets, puppets, decorative dolls, and food design.               Varied skillsets utilized in a diverse range of projects translate to my professional pursuits in photo editing and children's content.